You know, all this while, I kept trying to convince myself that Etcetera, was just a regular Nigerian, using his articles as a way of expressing himself or his thoughts on certain issues. It was not until his last article on “Why Nigerians shouldn’t rejoice over Buhari’s Victory”, then I realised that this guy is truly ‘ill’.

I’m speaking as a concerned individual (crossing my heart and shaming the devil). Some people may find his articles funny or somewhat entertaining. But truthfully, I have profiled him and have concluded that the guy is unhappy. He is depressed (to what extent, I may not be able to tell you) and is using his articles, either as a medium for venting or as a form of defense mechanism.

I have never experienced so much negativism in a person such as himself. In all his articles, and I mean all, he is either growling, criticizing, negatively judging or castigating someone or people. He has never said anything negative about himself. He probably thinks he has the best ideas or opinion about things or people.

Another sad thing about this dude, is that his negativism has done nothing for him. Instead, it has thrown him further into depression. Let’s critically analyse his history as a musician…for shouting and crying out loud, I’ve never heard his music in my life. I don’t think it made it to a local record label! It’s this same negativism that killed his music life prematurely…or is he staging a comeback?! I would strongly advise against it.

How can Etcetera dare say Nigerians shouldn’t rejoice just yet after Buhari won elections?! We are not just happy a new president¬†has been elected, we are glad that we have moved from Point A to Point B. We are glad that we had a free and fair election. We are glad that we are alive to witness that change. We are glad that we still have faith in a New Nigeria. We are rejoicing because there is hope for a better tomorrow, not just for us but for our kids. We are rejoicing Etcetera, that we Nigerians, are able to overcome negative people like you and push for a much better and stronger nation.

So, tell me, Etcetera, do you still think, we shouldn’t rejoice?

I just have one word for you, darling…MYOPIA. You are completely and totally short-sighted and should be wearing CEREBRAL SPECTACLES!

I really do need to plead on his behalf my Naija peeps, that he be excused, especially now you know what his problem is. We should generally try and accommodate his antics.

Etcetera, on a final note, I strongly advise you try and convert all your hurt into lyrics…that way, we’ll not only try and understand, we’ll surely try and reach out to you. Everybody sometimes need a shoulder to lean on…so you are not alone. *See your life, Etcetera, I’m even doing a better job with words of common lyrics*

#StoptheNegativism #StayPositive #PositiveThoughtsPositiveResults

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