My son’s words exactly! Like seriously?!

I asked him to explain himself. He says the only time I’m ever calm is when I’m sleeping. Usually on a good day, I keep the house too hot for them, practically saying “No” to all their requests and not to mention the shouting and scolding. I just shook my head in bewilderment and told him he just described a ‘mad woman let loose’!

He said today was eerily different…it started with him requesting for a bar of chocolate early in the morning, knowing the consequences that would follow the request. While he was squeezing his eyes shut, waiting for the bouts of insults that would follow, to his shocking amazement, he heard a soft “Yes”. Again, my little girl who has a personal electronic tablet, dared to ask for my ipad mini, which I don’t usually give even if my arm was twisted, got it without war of words. As far as my son was concerned, these unusual events were quite uncommon.

It’s funny how kids perceive their parents’ behaviour. Just as we judge them, they judge us. And to think I’ve been priding myself for being “The Quintessential Modern Parent”! Besides, why shouldn’t I be calm?!…after 1 week of undisturbed sleep, no major cooking, no serious shopping for groceries!

If truth be told..


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