Mr Shelle

At this time and age, some ‘sour’ losers are still finding it hard to adjust to the golden rules of democracy!

How can someone as old as Mr Tunji Shelle be calling for a cancellation? Can’t this ‘hooligans’ understand that Nigerians are tired of them?! Even soon to be ex-president, Mr Jonathan, has accepted defeat, so much so he called Mr Buhari to congratulate him…meaning that the electoral process was very fair.

According to Mr Tunji Shelle, the distribution of PVCs was “skewed in favour of the stronghold of the APC in Lagos and beyond to the detriment of PDP. Non-indigenes in Lagos were openly disenfranchised and denied the right to collect their PVCs, hence majority were unable to vote. Further lamenting that, “virtually everywhere we won a clear and verifiable victory, presiding INEC officials openly colluded with the APC to sabotage and deny PDP candidates victory. Among the local government areas where anomalies were recorded are Badagry, Epe, Eti-Osa and Apapa”

Henceforth, anybody that opens their mouth to accuse APC or INEC of any misconduct, should have living proof. Failure to provide proof, they should be jailed with months of hard labour…and no visitations from relatives!

Obviously, the silly man needs to account for the money given to him to campaign for Jona…sebi, money they say buys everything. Unfortunately, it didn’t help PDP win the results!

My advice: Mr Tunji Shelle, go on exile!

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