stressed me 2Good day Peeps!

I really meant to send this greeting much earlier…actually since morning.

It feels good to be back. You won’t believe it but I have been through so much in the past few weeks. God being God, I came out unscathed! Stressors ranging from demands of motherhood, ‘wiferyhood’ to the strain and drain of searching for a competent housekeeper. Just when I thought I had found the ‘ultimate’ maid, she started ‘manifesting’ into something else…but let me save the full gist for another day and just re-bond.

Presently, I’m on a much needed vacation with my kids…Yeah, with my kids! You heard right, lol! Not to worry, I know what you are thinking, that I might not get my deserved holiday…well, you are wrong dearies! I sure will. If you noticed, I did not mention anything about hubby coming on vacation with me…yet! My point exactly…Lol! Husbands are actually the real stressors, the major big babies…feeding them with fresh meals (no excuses), clothng them, basically being at their beck and call! And the part I hate most is the cooking …Choi! Cooking everyday! Why can’t they like do alternate days of eating out? Why?!…And I miss him O (and his money)!

I think part of what affected me is what you could refer to as ‘Writer’s fatigue’, otherwise known as ‘Writer’s block”. But I wouldn’t actually say I had writer’s block, I had so much to write about…but all I needed was a ‘formula’ to help move my fingers. I need to give a shout out to all the social media platforms that kept reminding me that my fans were waiting to hear from you.

On a final note, today is my daughter’s 10th birthday. Being 10 is not easy, I tell you. Apparently, ‘Oyibo’ peeps don’t know how to celebrate the big 1-0, so we’re gonna have to wait till we get to Nigeria to throw that parry…that way, we’ll show them how it’s done! *Hehehe*

One more thing…if you guys are receiving this post late, forgive me for not being in tune with the time zone! #TimeZoneDifference

Stay blessed as always.

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