I’m so damn excited right now. When I read about this new found relationship between Jamie and Katie (even their names rhyme *how cute*)…I’ve not been able to contain my excitement!


I feel like a mum whose kids are about to get married. I so love these 2, Katie for her ‘take home to mama-can’t hurt a fly’ look and Jamie’s super duper hotness *taking a bow*!

I know love when I see it! I mean I love love, so I should know and feel it when I see it right?…oh, whatever! I trust Jamie to take care of ‘my girl’ Katie ( and to think that that’s what he calls her) *Ooh, melting like butter…how romantic*.

I hear that ever since Katie broke up with Tom Cruise (I never really supported their relationship because I knew it wouldn’t last…trust me that’s not a cliche), I hear she’s been hanging out with Jamie. She even has sleepovers at his place! *I smell a baby soon*

A mutual friend of theirs even told Us Weekly that Jamie is someone she trusts and has fun with. That everything Tom couldn’t supply her (like he would in the first instance), Jamie supplied! *Way to go Bro* * hitting hand on chest*

Anyway, let’s not forget to put them in our prayers, please O! I so want this to last. *happy sigh*

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