A lot of girls like guys who don’t necessarily ‘dig’ them and who would only notice these girls because, apparently, they are available.

I sure hate to be considered a last-minute-chance kind of girl. I would want for me and the guy to be on the same ‘like’ page. So if this guy asks me out, he’s not doing so because I’m the only one avaible but because he desires me.

Such is not the case for some girls…some girls who like certain guys don’t care if these guys like them or not, and so will jump at any opportunity to be with him, last minute or not! Lol! *Talk about major desperation!*

Meanwhile, some other girls will consider his asking them out last minute as a sign of disrespect, whether they like him or not.

So let’s take a poll…is it a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’?

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