Haven’t you guys noticed the way people are dying left, right and centre from kidney disease. Today, someone will be hail and hearty, tomorrow, you will hear that the person has either died from kidney disease or is looking for kidney.

Apart from the common causes of kidney disease we all know, we can’t totally close our eyes or turn our heads away from the fact that our cultural practices contribute to this morbidity and mortality.

Another major factor apart from Poverty, is Ignorance. Some people might claim that they are educated but that education does not go past the four walls of a classroom, meaning that they are ‘health illiterates’.

But allow me to deliberate on some of our harmful cultural practices such as: 

  1. Drinking of ‘Agbo’  or any other native concoction.
  2. Some people fail to visit the hospital when they are ill. They let it linger.
  3. The practice of self-medication.
  4. Poorly controlled hypertension.
  5. Bad lifestyle like excessive intake of alcohol.
  6. All these polluted air someone is inhaling, only God will help us!

These things have given me some concern lately. I just think we all need to be proactive and make sure we go for regular checkups, especially Blood Pressure checks. 

Finally, before one takes any concoction or medication, consult with your doctor. 

May God protect us. Amen.

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