I’m not sure if you guys have noticed the trend going on amongst Nigerian parents in naming their kids…it has to be only Nigerian peeps!

I really don’t know how much I can take any longer but this has got to stop. These parents are unknowingly using up all the words in the dictionary! Very soon, we’ll be hearing names like ‘ Bible’ or ‘Ask and you shall receive’…not funny any more!

I’m writing this because a lady came to the clinic today with her son and naturally I asked for his name and she said “Am blessed”. And I’m like, ” I know, I just need to know your son’s name!” And she repeats, “Am blessed. But you can call him Ambi for short!”
“I haven’t even accepted the name and you are telling me what to call him for short! Please can I have his native name?” I screeched.
“Kenechukwu”. She supplies. Of course, I hissed at her. The native name is sounds much better than the “Am blessed”. Which child isn’t blessed?!

Other names I have heard recently include:
1. Perfect.
2. Boy.
3. Success.
4. Helper.
5. Wisdom.
6. Innocent.
7. Perpetual
8. Victory
9. Precious
10. Protection (Why??)
11. Good

I am tired joor…continue if you remember any. Don’t spoil the fun.

Parents, please try and be considerate in naming your kids but please there is no justice in what you are doing! I know you passed through hell when you had the child but really, must you name them according to events?! Must you?

I rest my case.


I feel you dear! I'm pissed too!


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