The supposed innocent Rylan

This is exactly why a lot of couples in Africa, more so Nigeria, are scared of adopting children, especially male kids. They never know what kind of genes these kids might have inherited.


Distraught mum


Distraught dad

A couple, Kim and ex husband, Ryan, adopted a male child, Rylan, now 7 years old, that is obsessed with knives and killing someone. Rylan’s biological parents both had bipolar disorder (a mental health problem), while his mother was a drug addict. Thank God, the couple have 3 biological kids of their own!


Rylan with his adoptive mum

The child claims he has this imaginary friend, Bleeder, that tells him to kill his entire family with knives.


Rylan in his 'possessed' state

The couple noticed this odd behavior when Rylan was just 18 months old. He had held his breath until he passed out. *Yepa!*

When he was just 3 years old, he stabbed knives into watermelons and became more and more violent.

When Rylan was 6, he locked himself up in the bathroom, used his older brother’s razor and cut the tips of his fingers because he wanted to see them bleed. According to Rylan, Bleeder had asked him to.

His parents have taken him to several hospitals, but to no avail. What scares them now, is the fact that Rylan now hides sharp objects. They found out when they pulled the toilet away from the wall and saw where he hid 2 shave razors, a fork and an ink pen.

My own take on all these story…what have they done for Rylan spiritually! This child needs deliverance. Its quite clear this child is possessed!

On a lighter note, I’m sure if this child was brought to any of our churches in Naija, that devil inside him will flee! *Cough*

And for those of you planning to adopt a child, please go ahead…don’t let this story distract and discourage you.

Source: DailyMail


  1. Bleeder ko,bleeder ni….serious possession tinz jare!! TB to the rescue joor..abi na Laz Mouka!! NHW, which one do you recommend?! Lol


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