This is quite interesting, coming from Maheeda.
Please, you guys should not tell me that you don’t know Maheeda, ?ex-prostitute turned gospel singer! I query the ‘ex-ness’ of the prostitution because she still acts like one.

She’s a fine girl no doubt about it and she wastes no time in flaunting it.

Back to the matter about her being afraid for her daughter…she fears that her dear child may be molested by men of this world. She fears the consequence of her actions may affect her daughter… Before??!

Mscheew! How come she didn’t think about it, or did she miss that part in the bible that talks about ‘the sins of the fathers’? The poor girl will need to work extra hard not to be seen that way or better still dissociate herself from her mother.
If Maheeda is proud of what she’s doing, why is she scared of passing the torch to her daughter? She should have spent more time developing her self-esteem, so that it will run off on her daughter. Now she is afraid…leave story for the gods.

The sad thing is that, she has involved her daughter in the matter by posting her pictures online, now we know the girl. If only she had kept her away from the rubbish she’s been doing. Unfortunately, as the girl gets older and needs a job, when men see her, they will see Maheeda…sad but true.


  1. Sh e has only begun!! I think she is just looking for unnecessary publicity… ideas on how to remain relevant so she wants the story to read “bad girl turn good”!! Pscheeew!! #oshisko


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