Dear NHW,

I hope you post my letter so that people can learn from my sister’s situation. 

My sister has been abandoned in a private hospital in Idi-araba after she gave birth and couldn’t foot the bills. She had a baby girl and they’ve been in the hospital for 7 months now. Her so called husband claims he can’t afford the bill and has left my poor widowed mother to continue from where he stopped. He only paid N30,000 out of the N155,000 that has been paid, remaining N70,000. 

Every time I see how my mum suffers to get money to offset her bills, the more I resent my sister. Instead of my sister to concentrate on her education, she got pregnant by this riffraff and had a set of twins, whom my mum is taking care of now. Thinking my sister should have common sense and stop, she got pregnant again by this idiot, now see where it has landed her.

I would have assisted but I just finished serving and I’m looking for a job desperately. 

I won’t lie, sometimes I’m tempted to do what other girls are doing to get money fast, just to help my mum. I hate the way she’s suffering.

Please, I need your advice what can I do? We need just N70,000 to offset the bills. I’m afraid my mum may die before all the bills are paid. It has caused her BP to rise. She has borrowed from her cooperative and from people. She applied for a soft loan at her work place, but she was denied that. 

*My dear, please, I won’t advice you to engage in any activity that will compromise your integrity. Keep praying and ask God to send a helper fast. He will answer your prayers. As for your brother inlaw, woe betide him! Some men are good at getting women pregnant and zero at living up to their responsibilities. You guys should make sure that before that her useless husband comes near her again, he must have a good job. Then, your sister should try and get some education as much as possible.*

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