A lot of chics just don’t have a clue as to what to do and what not to do when a guy they like asks them out on a date. There are certain mistakes they make that could mar the relationship or cancels the chance of the guy asking you out on a second date.

Remember, first impression counts. It is this first date that will decide the fate of the new found relationship. So pay attention to the following details…at least these are the ones that cross my mind:

  1. Fragrance Overload. Why wear so much perfume?! For all you know the guy might be asthmatic! Keep it soft, sensual and flowery. The whole idea is not to turn him on or off…just keep him interested.
  2. Too much ‘Pancake’. One question…why??? Let him see the real you, not layers and layers of foundation, blush and powder! Uugh! Imagine this scenario, you smear some of the food on your cheek and he lends his hanky to you, and your pancake is the only stain on his hanky…damn!
  3. Seriously Overdone Lashes. Gosh, how I hate this! For crying out loud, how do you expect him to see your eyes. Then, some chics basically battle with the lash getting into their eyes throughout the meal, leaving them so red. 
  4. Take along with you a Hand Cream or Moisturizer, especially for those of you who have dry skin, which worsens after every hand wash. Whether or not you have dry skin, just put it in your purse or handbag.
  5. Shave off all hairs, leg hair, pubic hair and armpit hair. The leg hair some men can deal with but not armpit hair. The annoying thing about these girls is that even with the smelly hairy armpits, they choose to wear sleeveless clothes. *smh*
  6. Fresh Breathe is a must please. Dump the chewing stick for that day and go for a proper toothbrush. Don’t forget to scrub your tongue.
  7. Over-glossed Lips…definitely a No! No! Must you look like you just had an oily meal?! There ain’t nothing sexy about oily over-glossed lips. 
  8. Too much Skin revealed is a major minus. Sexy and flirty is good but too sexy can be distracting. Don’t wear clothes that scream “Take me here and now!” At least give the guy an opportunity to know the real you and not make him think of ‘rolling in the hay stack with you’, if you know what I mean.
  9. Get rid of your smelly unkempt hair. Some chics can carry hair for Africa!! Say 3 months and more. 
  10. Please leave your family and friends behind. A lot of chics can’t help but move in a ‘convoy’! They can’t make a sentence or conversation if they are not in a group. GROW UP!
  11. Those Long Nails…I will not comment on this…you can read my mind already. 

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