A lot of unmarried babes out there looking for Mr. Right, yet none of them are not asking if they even qualify as Ms. Right. They want their man to be perfect, a saint but they do not even have a quarter of those qualities they are looking for in that man. 

It’s high time you stop fooling yourselves and start looking inwards. Outward beauty could get you noticed but may not make you qualify…might even disqualify you! 

So here are some qualities I think you should check if you own or lack. Having these qualities are so important. There is a difference between ‘Dating’ and ‘Marriage’.

  1. Are you HOMELY ? Some girls can make a man feel uncomfortable in his own pants. She lacks warmth and is definitely not a people-person. So imagine that a guy is not comfortable with a girl he just met, how much more his close family and friends. As in, she is totally not approachable. Some have a permanent frown on their faces or worse still disgruntled look. 
  2. Are you a FAKE PERSON or do you have a FAKE PERSONALITY? A lot of girls can fake their butts off. She’s so polished on the outside, but very low down dirty shame inside, as in ‘messed up’. These kind of girls can be a lot of things or do all sorts just to get attention, even if it’s for a minute. Some babes are only interested in what the guy is and how much money he owns. Some girls are even confused about who they are, their personality changes according to where they are or who they are with at that point in time. As far as I am concerned, these babes have confidence/self-esteem issues. 
  3. Are you a HIGHLY NEGATIVELY JUDGEMENTAL person? These kind of babes know how to criticise! Nothing constructive about her criticisms. Nothing is ever good enough for her. Just so you know, men thrive on appreciation. Can you try to accept him and certain situations the way they are? These kind of babes are seen by men as unhappy and frustrated women. The men know that these girls could be potential ‘naggers’ once they marry them. 
  4. How ACCEPTING  or TOLERANT are you? Some girls meet a man in a certain way, manage all his baggage while they are courting and suddenly want to change him when they get married! If you can’t accept or tolerate his ways now, don’t complain when if he still does it in marriage. 
  5. Are you SEXUALLY HEALTHY? Men love women that are comfortable in their skin. They love women who can talk about sex and sexual fantasies freely. I’m not saying you should check if you are sexually compatible before marriage. Just make sure you talk about your sexual expectations, level of sexual interest and even past sexual experiences.
  6. Do you have a level of SPIRITUAL and HIGH MORAL STANDARDS? How committed are you to God? Most men feel safe with a prayerful wife, who has certain virtues that can keep the home. 
  7. Do you apply WISDOM in whatever you say or do? Men don’t like women who have a loose tongue, women who don’t know when to apply diplomacy, in short, women who are tactless. 
  8. Are you MULTI-TASKING? Men love women who can handle a lot of things at the same time, it shows their level of activity and trust me, these kind of women are not boring. You must be mentally, physically and socially sound. 
  9. Do you have a level of INDEPENDENCE? Some women depend on a man for everything, from money to decision making to the air they breathe. Men love to know that their women can hold the forte if they are not around. I’m not saying that you should be overly independent but create a balance depending on your situation. 
  10. LOSEN UP! Some ladies can be so stuck up! They remove the fun out of funny. Nothing amuses them. They can frown for Africa! If you don’t have a good sense of humor, grow some. People should feel relaxed around you. 

So my single ladies, this is an advice from someone who cares….Me!! 


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