See that 'stupid' look?! A goat is still a goat!

I read an article that practically got me nauseated and it sorted of made go down memory lane. When you read what I’m about to write, you’ll probably vomit!

The article was about a woman who bought a goat to be slaughtered on Christmas day as part of the festive celebration, but the goat was never slaughtered. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Like joke like joke, the woman developed a soft spot for the goat, which (not sure if I should say ‘who’…Lol!) became her companion.

You know, reading that article reminded me of (hate to say this)…of my mum. My mum, actually my dad, got a she-goat as a Christmas gift from one of his clients and left it in my mum’s care, thinking she was going to get someone to slaughter it and all. To his utmost surprise, my mum started feeding the goat (that was supposed to be soon slaughtered), paying particular attention to it’s diet. It just didn’t seem right!

We had to buy another goat for Christmas because my mum vehemently refused to have her new found ‘friend’ slaughtered. Before we could say ‘Jack Robinson’…she would walk the goat almost every evening. She even put the goat’s need before ours, her children.

The family started getting worried, almost thinking my mum was suffering from mid-life crisis!

To cut the long story short, that same she-goat bore 14 kids. Yeah… You need not think far…we practically lived with 15 or more goats!

You don’t want to know how they disappeared from our lives! Lmao! My dad (may his soul rest in peace) and my brothers were just plain ‘evil’!

Some died mysteriously, some disappeared mysteriously and others were mysteriously sold to interested buyers…Lol! I am a key witness to what happened to some and I know who did what! Mum is the word! Lol!

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