Gosh! I’m trying so hard not to show my excitement… But how can I, when on her first day of work, she’s impressing me already (anyways, they all do).

Oh, I didn’t tell you guys…my Togolese maid resumed today! She’s a stay-in. I’m sort of glad I made the decision of laying ‘mama’ off!

When I told ‘mama’ that I was letting her go, she cried me a river. For a second, I almost got carried away and I almost still kept her. But when I remember the diseases of the elderly (e.g arthritis, hypertension, etc), my decision to let her go heightened. I ended up giving her half of her allowance just to appease her(and so that I don’t see her in my sleep!)… that should wipe her tears for a while.

Her name is Ranti. She’s 24 years old and dark in complexion (Uugh! Feels like I’m writing an essay on my best-friend!)…and just so you know. I’ll probably sneak a picture of her and show you guys. I tried giving her my do’s and don’t ‘s…at least the ones I could remember. I’ve told her that she’s will be wearing a uniform (I watched to see if she would react to that but she nicely accepted… I guess she needs the job badly). I just haven’t figured out what color of checked uniform she will be wearing. I asked my daughter and she was like I was ‘evil’ and why would I want her to wear a uniform?…of course I ignored her and I moved on to ask hubby. He thinks blue check would not be bad…now that’s more like the answer I wanted. For me, I’m thinking she should wear a uniform that will go with the color scheme or theme of the house. What do you guys think?

As for you people who are wondering why my maid has to wear a uniform, I’ve learnt from my mistakes…once or many times bitten, forever shy. The uniform makes them aware that they are here to work and not play. There will be no room for unnecessary ‘fashion parade’, trying to seduce the men in the house…totally a failed mission!

I’ve told her that her uniform will be worn from 6am to 8pm. Sundays will be the only day she gets to wear her clothes…because that will be her off days.

Anyways, so far so good…so help me God.

P.S. I’ve locked all lockables!


  1. Good, I pray she behaves well.also hope you have screened her.I mean hope you know her HIV and Hepatitis status because that is what I do before bringing them in.I also like your idea of uniform wearing, that is what I also do.I sow 4colours of checks for them red, blue, green and red.apart from the sanity u get around the house it also saves you money.because work clothes is different from church clothes.so since check will do for house work,u only need to buy outing clothes.may God help us all and grant us wisdom in dealing with domestic staff.cosit not easy all of them inclusive drivers, gardeners, security


  2. yes ooo,I hope so and I pray so,cos am tied of dis changing of maid today and bringing another 1 tomorrow.let tick on one maid.


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