Dear NHW,

I just put to bed a bouncing baby boy, who’s his father’s splitting image.

Why I am writing is to seek your advice on whether I should allow him be a part of my son’s life.

This my ex and I dated for about 3 years. Everything seemed okay until I got pregnant. Apart from the fact that he was the one that deflowered me, he vehemently denied the pregnancy. I was left to face the ‘music’ alone. My parents refused to harbor me and so I had to stay with my aunt on the Island till I had my baby boy.

I know his friends must have told him how the baby looked so much like him. With each passing day, the similarity is even increasing. God is wonderful. My son is a living proof that my ex is the father of my son. And to think his parents supported him… Well, I don’t blame them. Isn’t that how parents are meant to behave?!

My ex has gradually been reintroducing himself into our lives. As for me, my mind’s made up…he’s so in my past! He calls once in a while, trying to soften my heart. The point is, he wasn’t there when we needed him.

My friends think I should forgive him and take him back. But what’s the guarantee that he won’t bail on us again? I need a ‘stand-up’ guy in our life, not a ‘hit and run’!

*Lol at ‘hit and run’! I totally feel you dear… It’s so typical of some guys not to stand up to their responsibility. Well, there are certain things you need to consider before you think of taking him back: if he’s financially stable? If he has a stable job? Make sure he’s not married to someone else except if you don’t mind being a second wife!

I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life…we aren’t all perfect. Besides, he’s your baby’s Dada. Just go with your guts instinct and see if he has changed for the better.

I wish you God’s guidance in whatever decision you make or take.

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