Source: PUNCH

Mr and Mrs Mudashiru Sheriffdeen’s joy was cut short when his wife, Taiwo, was delivered of a baby boy without arms in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. 

As soon as Mr Mudashiru, a commercial bus driver heard that his son was deformed, he took to his heels. 

Now, the poor woman has been warned by both husband and landlord not to bring the child home. Where is the woman to go since the hospital management has ordered her to leave?

My take…

It’s funny how when people ask God for favours, especially for fruit of the womb, they fail the ‘test of faith’. See a couple that have tried for 2 years to have a child and then God finally answers their prayer, they refuse it. They forgot to tell God the type of ‘designer’ baby He should give!

It goes to show that the one thing lacking in this couple is ‘Love’. Love is one thing God expects from each and everyone of us. Every child was created in God’s own image and likeness, whether blind, crippled, deaf or dumb, what matters most is the ‘inside’, our soul. 

If these couple cannot love a physically challenged child, what’s the guarantee that they can love a normal child?! Remember the key word is Love here. It’s how our God works, He constantly puts us to test and we constantly fail…a big pity. For all you know, all God wanted to know is if they had the capacity to love unconditionally…and these couple have just proven that they can’t! *smh*

I would love to implore everyone reading this blog to learn to love unconditionally. 

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