Oyibo people sef!

It’s only oyibo peeps that will put the exact date of their pregnancy and delivery out on social media.

They should try that in Naija, and see whether all sorts of ‘arrows’ will not be fired at them!

It was only when I got married that I really started becoming spiritually conscious paranoid of everything around me. Chai! If you hear all sorts of stories concerning what happened to people’s pregnancies, just because they mentioned their dates, you’ll shudder. Lol!

I mean, see how boldly Jill Duggar, the 4th kid out of the 19 kids on the TLC reality TV show 19 Kids and still counting, is proudly and boldly telling the whole world how old her pregnancy is! I say, you no fit try am for Naija!

Sometimes this oyibo peeps will even go as far as telling the gender of the baby and name of the unborn child…I admire this behavior! It only goes to show that ‘winch’ no dey for Jand or Yankee!

3 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T TRY THIS IN NAIJA!

  1. Welllllllll, I’m a Nigerian born and raised (finished my first degree) although not currently living there and I’ve blogged about my pregnancy on my blog and I thank God for a safe delivery… But like you’ve said, if I was in Naija honestly don’t know if I would have done things differently.


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