Isn't this doggie cute?

Hell No!!

We’ve been through this countless of times, and I’m not giving into their requests… MmmmMm..Nope.

It’s not like I’m trying to be mean but frankly speaking that’s like giving me some extra work to do. I have some conditions to hubby and kids, but they have failed to fulfill them. Okay, you tell me if what I ask for them to do before bringing the dog into my house is much:
1. Build a kernel before you get any dog.
2. Get a dog trainer because I ain’t having an unruly doggie in my house!
3. Increase my monthly allowance by 60%… The dog will eat na! *wink*
4. The dog they will need to get, that I want will never grow… As in I want those dogs that are really close to the ground, that never grow. *That way I don’t remember it’s a doggie*
5. My hubby should draw up a timetable of how they will take turns in caring for and walking the dog…excluding me! *Hehehe*

So do you guys think I’m asking for much? Nah!… Didn’t think so.

You know my hubby had made an arrangement for one without my knowledge,  but thank goodness, I came right on time to see it being delivered to my door step! I shrieked as soon as I saw my friends bring the puppy over. Luckily, my kids hadn’t seen it, so I hurriedly pleaded with them to take the cute doggie back. It really broke my heart that such a cute doggie couldn’t stay… It will just die of hunger, because my peeps in the house were not ready for the doggie… And definitely not me!


This size of doggie isn't bad as well

A kernel just had to be made… Can’t deal with dog s%#t around my house, not now, not ever!

Now…everyone ‘hates’ me in the house!… Well, whatever!

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