This is an S.O.S message, hoping that someone out there will come to my aid!

My last daughter is fond of harassing and most times ‘assaulting’ me and her dad every morning with what she wants, be it joining one lousy club to paying to join a 10th club or even buying a novel or the other!

This morning, she came up with a flyer/brochure from her school that has to do with an excursion to Paris for 7 days, which is not even compulsory. Total cost of this trip is about 3,000USD.

The problem is not even the cost of the trip, it’s the fact that my kids know my stand on this group excursion thingy…I don’t do group stuff! As soon as she handed me the flyer, I gave an immediate reply…No! Her older siblings burst out laughing, chanting, ” I told you! I told you! Mummy will never allow you!”

“I’ll tell daddy. He’s the rich one!” My daughter said. Now that was an “Ouch” for me, but whatever!
“My dear, whether you like it or not, I still have a say in your life. Your daddy will never agree to anything without asking me!” I glared at her. Now that statement entered!

Now, this girl hovered around my door like a ‘dark cloud’! She kept opening the door at multiple intervals saying, “Please pay!”… Not funny anymore.

At this point, silence became GOLDEN!!


  1. Silence is indeed golden. well she is a strong willed child. I wonder where that came from. You see she knows what she wants and she sees to it she gets it. She knows both your weakness and she’s witty like her mum. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Ok the way I will handle it, is for her to know you love her. In a subtle way you can go like awh. That week I really wanted you to be around. Or you can go well I love traveling abroad with you all so we can build memories. You know when you’all live my nest you can always travel with your friends. You see your friends daily in school. After all the love assurance ask why she want travel with her classmate. You get to know your child better and tot pattern.
    Please when you travel no go pack your kids in some relative house or hotel or only go shopping. Like some people do. And the day before returning back home they pack the kids to some activity.

    She’s a smart child like her parent but you get so show her love and you also smart as dem born you first. All these activities and attention she’s most probably bored

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