It funny how easy it is to admire beautiful houses from the outside…if only you knew!

As beautiful as that house may appear to be, it may be everything but a home. Don’t be surprised…didn’t you know that there is a major difference between a house and a home?

A ‘House’ is just a building made mostly of concrete and people just live in it! A ‘Home’ is what you make of that building to make it comfortable, livable, so that you truly belong.

Now, I’ve observed that some women, spend so much time and effort beautifying their house, but don’t spend as much time in making it a home. Why? Do you think people appreciate a beautiful house that is full of hate and all other unholy things than a hut full of love?

I have visited houses that have a lot of negative energy emanating from it. The negative energy is so much, you, the visitor, can’t even sit, talk less of drink water. It pushes you out. The cold-war between the couple is usually so palpable. The kids have this ‘look’ on their faces…you just know that they are kids that the parents are not emotionally available to them.

Women have a lot of work in ensuring that their houses are homes. It is not enough to say that your husband had a house in which you live in. Just make an effort to put some ‘sunlight’ in that house. Fill that house with joy, peace, love, so that the mere building is transformed into a home. Let everybody who comes in contact with your house be happy and safe. Let them come out and say, “North, South, East and West, Home is still the best”.

Most husbands enjoy coming back to a Home and not a House, after a hard day’s work. If you are a nagging wife, as well as a dirty one, don’t expect to see your husband as often as you desire. Ensure that as a wife, you keep your problems on one side, until you see to it that your husband has rested, had a proper meal, even had a shower. Let him meet a clean house, better still a clean bedroom.

The kids are not exempted. As a mother, you should extend the same level of care and love to the kids. Food is not the only thing that keeps a child healthy: attention, your time and love contribute to their health. Let them feel safe around Mummy.

Finally, prayer is the key to a happy home. A family that prays together stays together…never forget that.

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