You guys are really funny, you don’t hear from me and you don’t ask? Diaris God!

Just so you know, life has been blissful since I laid off my monster maid. That girl was a maid from hell! I still shudder when I think about her…what the hell did I hire?!

The more I think about what she put me through, the more I embrace my freedom. Menh! I’m in no hurry to get one. So far I’ve gotten loads of offers…sorry, thanks…but No, thanks!

If you see the way I enjoy cleaning my house, doing the laundry…I don’t even grumble anymore. In fact, I’m so nice, my kids are so scared.

“Mummy, what’s up with you. You are not even shouting at us to do our room. You are helping us do it! This is weird”, my son happily points out. Oh, if only they knew the psychological trauma that girl put me through.

Do you know that the girl had the effrontery to send her mother to me…for what na?! I didn’t even let the woman land, talkless of sit, I immediately confirmed that I didn’t need her daughter’s services, not now, not ever. I gave the same reasons I gave the girl!! *hehehe*…and that sealed it! Duh?!

The only downside I must confess, is lack of time to do what I enjoy most…blogging. 😦


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