Okay…I’ve obviously been stalling at the inevitable.

So I finally decided to take my kids to the Eye Clinic. I had to, things were not really alright with their constant and persistent complaints of:
– headache/eye ache
– blurry vision

The news was finally broken to my kids that they may need to wear ’em glasses. My daughter handled it well but not my son. Oh, you should have seen how he bawled.
“But sweetheart, it’s a good thing. At least you get to see everything really clear… even the girls. Trust me, you’ll thank me later”, I explained sweetly ( I’m not usually this nice but I had to).

I think I made matters worse. He started ranting how he regrets complaining in the first place.
” I don’t want to look like a NERD…don’t you understand?! ” …and the bawling continues.
“I wear glasses and do I look like a nerd?” Hoping my son would agree with me!
“Sort off!” Now that hurt!

Anyway…we gotta do what we gotta do.

Didn’t realize how bad my son’s eyes were until after the test. I helped them choose their frames sha…hoping it would lighten their mood…it did! 🙂

Glasses finally out…not so bad.

Parents, learn from my situation… Get your kids eyes checked!


  1. Taken my son to the opthal-woreva on 2 occasions because of same complaints of headache and eye ache. They said he has something that he shouldn’t have (can’t remember the name) and one eye sees better than the other(they say it’s normai) but it’s not bad enough so we should come back in 6mnths or so. Must we wait till it’s really bad?


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