This matter is becoming really serious… Child Sexual Abuse. Even if you are not a child, as an adult, don’t just speak out, shout out!

A lot of kids are falling victims of sexual abuse, especially in the hands of people they are quite familiar with…their parents (don’t be shocked), their close relatives, siblings, friends, neighbors, even gatemen and housekeepers.

Sexual abuse can be in any form, from touching the child inappropriately to exposing the child to pornographic materials to even watching the child.

My main concern is the way some parents are handling this issue. It has not happened to your kids does not mean it may not, God forbid. But parents, especially mothers need to be more vigilant and cautious to prevent unwanted incidences like these.

Here are some preventive tips which you may find helpful to protect your kids:

1. Teach your kids the first rule about life…Not to trust anyone. Don’t just stop there, share life experiences with them to buttress your point.

2. Teach your daughters not to sit on anyone’s lap or hug any ‘uncle’ readily. Tell them what may happen if they do that…and please don’t mince words with them. Stop leaving things to their imagination.

3. Teach your kids, whether boy or girl, not to be anywhere alone with just any adult apart from father or siblings…not even uncle or aunt.

4. Parents, stop sending your daughters to call any uncle or driver from the boys quarters. Send your son or better still, go yourself.

5. Teach your kids ways in which they can be lured into sexual molestation… Sweets, biscuits, money, etc…in short, curb their ‘long throats’.

6. Advice your kids against ‘Mummy and Daddy’ games with their peers and any adult.

7. Remove every fear of them reporting, if they are ever touched inappropriately. In short, teach them to shout out no matter the threat. Let the kids know what these idiots may say to prevent them from talking.

8. Teach your kids not to use lonely paths or short cuts home. They should avoid greeting people on the road. Even if they know these people, they shouldn’t stop to greet.
9. Mothers, how you dress your girls up matter a lot. As they get older, try to dress them up in more modest clothes, at least that should reduce unnecessary advances. A lot of you may not agree with me, that will be your own cup of tea…at least you won’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. Finally, parents, ensure you keep the communication line open between your kids and yourselves. Learn to always ask about their day, who they spent time with, who bullied them and who they bullied. Very importantly, for your younger kids, ask who may have touched them inappropriately.

Please, I am begging all parents out there, let’s join forces any little way we can to watch out for these kids, even if they are not yours.

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