I don’t know what else to do with this man…I always advice him but he doesn’t heed to it…well, it’s actually for his own good!

He is fond of buying watches that appear to be unisex and I love big watches…

Sometimes, when he isn’t paying attention, I steal take one of the watches and reduce to fit my wrist. How does he know?! When he’s dressed for work and he’s ready to wear his ensembles, he tries to wear the watch, he sees that it doesn’t fit and tries to freak out, but I look the other way!

“Babe, did you do anything to this watch?!” Absolute silence…meaning a Yes!!

“But babe, you can’t keep doing this… Just not right or fair!” Silence still.

Finally I break the silence… “It’s your fault, you keep getting unisex watches! U should get the really masculine ones that I hate and you know I hate…that will solve the problem…honest!” Now I’m feeling sorry for hubby because it looks like he’s gonna cry!

The guy, I can feel it, is tired of my antics!… Oh, whatever! I’m sha, feeling the steel on my wrist. *You gain some, you lose some*

Now, don’t feel sorry for him just yet! You know, he can really be mean, lately he’s being getting some really ugly super masculine ones…he knows I’ll definitely not touch! Agh Grrrrrrr!


So you like?!…the watch on me…that is?!


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