Hi peeps!

I’m so excited to share this news with you guys…I HAVE AN ASSISTANT!!

Yeah, I know! I’m happy too. I just got her yesterday. I refer to her as an assistant because she’s no ordinary house keeper…she’s educated. She has an OND…I feel your fears and I know you are wondering why someone with that level of education would want to work as a housekeeper. Now, that’s why I upgraded her from an ordinary housekeeper to home assistant… I no try?!

Anyways, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I just pray she doesn’t have an agenda. I forgot to mention to you guys that she’s 21 and has a 1 yr old daughter… Please don’t say what I think you wanna…like I said I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If only you knew what I’ve been going through, you beg that I should even take a maid with 1arm sef! *Now that’s a joke abeg*

She officially started today. She was meant to show up at about 7:30am but arrived at about 8:17am…not good for a first timer. I was going to say maybe she should reconsider taking the job and before I could finish my sentence, she fell on her knees begging me. What was I supposed to do…I forgave her. *Sweet me…I know*

If she has stuff under her sleeves, she had better think again because this madam (me) is not madam of before. I’ve upgraded from bitch to super duper mega bitch and I ain’t taking s#$t from no one. If it’s my hubby she’s coming for, that plan has failed completely and totally! If it’s my home she wants to ruin, God has already forbidden it!

That’s all for now guys, just keep your ears close to the ground and your phones closer as the home assistant unfolds! *Hehehe*


  1. People in Nigeria are enjoying I swear oh,I have 2 kids no help Plus school did I mention one of the is a month old? Daycare is crazy expensive


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