I praise God for the gift of life. He is definitely an awesome God!

We should learn to be grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Holy One.

Everyday is a chance for a new beginning. A lot of people don’t have this opportunity we have O!

You may not have all the money you so desire. You may not have gotten married when you wanted to. You may not have achieved pregnancy or had the number of children you so desire. You may not even have a job. Worse still you may not even have a roof over your head, or good clothing…but you are alive to witness a new day each day! You are hale and hearty! You still see something to eat everyday.


Let me remind you, there are some people out there who have all the money in the world but that money cannot buy them good health and they’ve been told they will die. You are not that person. Some people have food but cannot eat because of ill health. You are not that person. Some people cry and beg God for pregnancy and eventually God answers the prayer but they don’t live to see that baby! You are not that person! Some people struggle and go through school and come out with very good results but they don’t live to be celebrated or even reap the fruit of their labour. You are not that person but with your nonsense result and certificate, you have a job and you are healthy.

My peeps, let us start now to appreciate the life God has blessed us with. Let’s stop complaining and grumbling. Let’s make the best of what time we have and sow seeds of love and kindness in other people’s lives today. Stop being selfish…it’s not always about you.


I don’t know about you but I’m going to live and love life as much as God gives me breath. I appreciate every positive human being I come in contact with each day. I appreciate every little gesture I get. I urge you to do same.

I wish you peeps a very happy and blessed new month and hope that this month will be a turn around for you in Jesus name. Amen.


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