I don’t know about you guys O, but I have noticed all sorts of methods people in GEJ’s camp are using to intimidate GMB’s camp.

I personally,  am appalled by these shows of intimidation on GMB. If GEJ’s household have nothing to fear, then they should stay focused and try and convince people like us, beyond reasonable doubt why we should waste our vote on them.

They, GEJ’s camp, should stop fishing for all manner of info or dirt on GMB. It’s only making them look stupidly desperate!”

Unfortunately,  no matter how much bullying, backbiting and bad mouthing may be going on in GEJ’s camp, GMB still rocks! *I’m not saying that I will vote for either parties O*

On a final note, I think it’s time I say something: As much as both parties are desperate to become the next Nigerian president, they should remember the masses,  who will be at the receiving end. GEJ and GMB torch bearers,  should just keep that day violent free and rig free!

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