These couple are so awesome. I’ve never felt love so magical, the way I felt it between them!

When I listened to how they met, it brought tears to my eyes…Ehn, me that I love love! They met on twitter and continued their romance on BBM and Facebook. And it all started when Tokunboh had a bad toothache and tweeted about it! Toyin seeing it, replied ‘Doh’, in her native language, meaning sorry. ‘Fortunately’, Tokunboh saw it and thought she meant ‘Duh’, and he lashed out at her, wondering how someone he didn’t know could be so insensitive to his plight! He was so disgusted that he just had to take a look at the person’s profile, but that changed his life for good. As soon as he clicked on her profile page, it was love at first sight….and the rest is history!

Please, if you know you believe in LOVE and all that it stands for, just click on the link below and vote for these two lovebirds!

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