I feel weird writing to you but right now I need your candid advice. 

I’m a 24 yr old guy, a fresh graduate awaiting NYSC. I’ve always had this thing for older women but I think this time,  I have crossed my boundary. 

My mum is 52 yrs old and has this somewhat young friend that just moved into the estate. She is 46 yrs old and I must say quite a stunner. She looks nothing her age. I mean, she is totally beautiful and crown it all she is quite successful. She is unfortunately, a divorcee with a kid.

Anyway, to cut story short,  my mum recently found out that we’ve been dating for about a year and went ballistics. She insists we stop seeing each other but that is totally impossible,  I’m neck deep inside this relationship. This woman is my best friend and has been my pillar and as far as I am concerned, has made me more responsible and focused. I’m actually considering marrying her.

My mum is presently giving us hell which has made me move in with my woman friend, so that I can have some peace. Now, she is saying I should choose between being disowned or remaining with my woman friend.

Please, how can I handle this crisis? It’s seriously distressing me.

*Well, dear reader, I’m sorry you have to go through this but I think you should try to understand where your mum is coming from, considering the fact that we are in an environment that is culture-bound.

Your mum obviously has her fears, just like any other person would. There’s a possibility that you both are using each other. You may think you are in love now but I’ll suggest you don’t rush into marriage, like you speculated.

I still think communication is the key. What does your father think about all these? You are an adult and so are free to make your own decisions but at the same time, adults do make mistakes.

Most importantly, pray about it.

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