…Which I think every couple needs to read. Naija men! I put this one particularly for you guys…
The following are the language of love:

1. Physical Touch
2. Love Affirmation
3. Quality Time
4. Act of service
5. Giving Gifts

Couples need to understand each other’s love language. Love language is really different for many couples but like I said, it’s important that couples understand the love language their spouse speaks, so that ‘everyone’ can be happy!

For your information Mr Husband, Physical Touch is not only sex! I know your mind has gone there. Physical touch involves cuddling, hugging, holding hands, etc…have you heard?

In Love Affirmation, couples should learn to say “I love you” alot, “I am sorry”, “Please”. Naija men, it’s not only when you chase the woman that you say I love you, say it even after 10 years of marriage!

Naija men O! Work! Work! Work! I tire for una! Make time in between your busy schedule to spend Quality Time together.

The Act of Service part, as far as I am concerned…will be difficult in this part of our world. Naija men and their ego! How many of them will go to market for their wives? How many will serve their wives breakfast in bed? How many are willing to do housework? How many are willing to babysit their own kids?!

Giving Gifts is the part I like the most! *wink* *wink* I have no problem in this department…cos I get a lot of it! I am speaking for my sistas who don’t get stuff from their hubbies!

My love languages are all of the 5, but my primary love languages are Love Affirmation and Quality Time.

So what’s yours?!…share joor!

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