Seyi Shay is one of the very few female musicians I admire.

I won’t lie, I’ve always wondered about her ‘love life’, until I stumbled on an interview she granted THIS DAY. She talked about how her relationship with her father affected a lot of things and even subsequent relationships.

According to her,

“… My dad had separated with my mum when I was younger and he is someone I choose not to talk about because I don’t know so much about him. I never had a relationship with him. It’s only now that he’s quite proud of me but it’s so sad. Always not having him around or growing up with him as made me in the past make wrong judgements when it comes to guys. I have been hurt a lot by guys and that has made me more introverted.

… I really want to get married and I know this is going to shock your readers; but I’m not bothered if I don’t get married because I would rather have a man that will be with me forever. The value of marriage has been washed up dead. And the way everybody is getting married and divorcing makes it not a big deal to be together anymore. I’m with someone I’m happy with and I don’t know if we would be life partners, but for now I’m happy with him”.

I just love this girl and her ‘openess’…no forming, no nothing.

Don’t mean to diss single chics but we don’t seem to have many genuine ones again.


  1. l love people that are is not a bed of roses.nothing is perfect in this world.i dont know why most celebraity lie about every thing concerning them


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