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The joy of being a mother can never be described enough with words.

Today, this morning to be precise, I experienced ‘True Love’. I’m still in awe of what my kids did.

I’m not sure if I mentioned to you guys that I’ve been down with the ‘flu’ and it got so bad that I couldn’t fulfil my motherly duties, at least effectively. I had a burning fever which knocked me out completely and totally!

Being a school day, my son surprised me by waking up as early as I would to get himself and his siblings ready for school, without my asking. *Tears in my eyes* …and to think he was supposed to be laziest of them all!

My daughter made breakfast fast for her siblings and even for me! Then she made sure her kid sister was as good as ready.

My kids were ready in record time, like I’m talking about 6:55 am. So I’m thinking, why the hell do they put me through the grind when I try to get them ready for school. Jeez!! Anyway, their father, obliged to drop them at school…Thank God, we didn’t have to argue about that. He tried!

You know what ‘killed’ me?…They took turns in asking how I was feeling and would even give me a hug and a peck. When it was time to leave for school, my first daughter still came back to hug and kiss me, begging me to get well soon…wow!

Now, the moral of this story is that, parents should quit worrying about their kids. They can take care of themselves even when you think that they are not paying attention to details, you are wrong. Even if you are not there, they will cope…as my kids have proven.

Another thing, if parents really want to reap the right fruits in their kids, then ensure you sow the right seeds in them. Let’s teach our kids to show love among themselves. Teach them to be independent and self reliant. 

Today, my kids have made me proud, so I’m ‘gingered’ to keep doing what I’ve always done.


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