After months of playing the extra-super woman, I have come to the conclusion that I need a maid…definitely a ‘come and go’ !!

Laying my maid off was supposed to be the best thing that happened to me or so I thought, unfortunately, not having an assistant has kinda exposed my inability to do everything on my own! This is a sure sign of being a bad manager. A good manager delegates duties to other people, but I have failed to do that.

I probably succeeded in making others happy and in doing so, I severely neglected myself and everything I love doing especially blogging. Now, you know why I have been MIA.

Because I said I need a maid doesn’t imply that I am asking for people to send in their CV! I don’t trust Naija peeps like that anymore. I’m not sure if I’ve told this story before, how one guy beautifully attired in a starched white ‘Guinea Brocade’, came to my office saying that he got information that I needed a maid. So I asked if he was the applicant, he replied in the affirmative. I looked at him from head to toe, even down to his well custom made slippers. I dismissed him almost immediately, denying that I needed a maid. He tried really hard to convince me that he was right for the job. …no doubt, but the pain that will come with the hiring, that is if he doesn’t murder us all or kidnap my kids. God forbid.

So now, you guys have no choice but to bear with me…at least now you know why my blogging has been irregular.

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