My last baby is getting really cheeky by the day! Okay, granted I don’t sit with either of my kids to do their homework!…hey, common, cut me some slacks here…we all know it gets nauseatingly boring doing homework with kids! So what I do when they come to me for assistance, I simply ask them where they were and what they were doing when the teacher was teaching…if no reply, I then advise that they cover the book until they get to school tomorrow, they can then ask their teacher! Problem solved!! *wide grin*

Now yesterday , just because my lil baby wanted hurry up with her homework and then move on to play with her game, she came to me for assistance…you already know my reply! So she decided to show me this…like seriously!

Of course, I rolled on the floor laughing…I didn’t fall for that emotional/parental blackmail!! Immediately, I said, “common, will you go and do your homework?! Be wasting time there, showing me paper! Sooorrryyy?!”

Knowing she had lost that one, she reluctantly proceeded in doing her homework. Lol! Few minutes later…

“Mummy, what do horses eat?” She asked, not giving up on me just yet!
“Look, I dunno joor! Leave me…” I replied.
“Mummy nooooow, just tell me”, she insisted.
“Vegetables…yeah, veggies”, I answered really sure of this one…no kidding.
“You mean horses eat veggies? Okay, let me go and ask Feyi!”
…you gats to be kidding me! Did I just hear what I heard!!
“Are you saying you don’t trust what I just told you!!” I won’t lie…I was bitten. Feyi is my first daughter quite alright, but she’s my DAUGHTER for crying out loud!

So off my lil daughter goes to ask her big sister and then few seconds later she reappears.
“Horses eat hay, mummy!” She said looking satisfied that she got the right answer.

I won’t lie, I felt my ego deflate. Anyway, that will teach them never to come to me for homework assistance! Hmph!


  1. Olodo mummy!! Seriously not assisting with homework is child abuse; Neglect in particular.

    But come to think of it, my parents never assisted with my homework. Where you go find them? Maybe my daughter is ab-using me with this homework thing.


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