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One Mrs Oluwatoyin Olafare, 45, who is married to a clergy man, has asked to divorce her husband of 18 years, for lack of care. For this reason, she has denied him sex for months! *Wowza*

She told the court that her husband “had failed in his matrimonial responsibilities as a husband.

“He gives me blow whenever I ask for the children school fees and our feeding allowance.’’

Oluwatoyin, who told the court that her husband has failed as a father and husband, also added that “he abuses my family whenever we have disagreements.

“He also demands for s ex when he does not care if I have eaten or not.

“So, I do not allow him to touch me anymore “.

The mother of four, whose ages are between eight and eighteen, also accused Olafare of deserting his children where they reside at 56, Surulere Street, Lagos.

Olafare, who lives at 160/162 Ijegun Road, Alimosho, a suburb of Lagos, while responding to his wife’s accusation,stated that he did not oppose the application for dissolution of their 18-year old marriage.

He however denied the allegations of beating her and lack of care.

“I don’t beat her, but she nags a lot and causes trouble all around the neigbourhood.

“Oluwatoyin is known as a street fighter and because of her attitude, we were sent out of the house.

“She does not respect anybody including me; when I was transferred to the missionary quarters, she refused to follow me and so I left,” he said.


*Na wah O! What do you guys think? Do you think it’s the wife’s streetwise behaviour that pushed the man away or the man’s dry ‘pastoral’ behaviour that pushed the wife away? Or do you think there is a way around their ‘madness’ to restore peace in their home?


SOURCE: Information Nigeria

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