Yesterday, it’s as if some people set out to annoy me…like they saw me in their sleep or something!

See me O, feeling generally in a good mood, stopped by at the House of Tara studio at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, located in Surulere, to check out what they had and buy myself some goodies! Only for me to enter the shop to meet some mean looking, as in unpleasant faces…I swear I almost turned back. It was written all over their faces, this lack of enthusiasm to sell anything or even attend to clients. One of them actually noticed the way I hesitated, as if to say “Should I stay or should I go?”- kinda look and then corrected her behaviour. This sales person I’m talking about is really ‘yallow’ in complexion and very pretty, at least when she smiles…didn’t even know she was fine if she hadn’t smiled.

My beef is this – If I have taken time out of my busy schedule to come to your shop, I expect to get FULL ATTENTION as well as some education on some of your products. Sebi, I’m not getting anything free of charge! If I am going to spend my money, I want to get value for that money spent, especially based on what I’ve been told.

Admin, if you don’t know now, know it, that I heard one of the staff there (a short dark and possibly large lady woman) owns her own cosmetic shop just down the road, but does that give her the impetus to be arrogant? Infact, the ‘yallow’ in complexion one really tried, I even bought more than I bargained not minding that I didn’t get what I wanted.

The morale of this ‘story’ is that Admin should please tell Tara sales representatives to do their work well. Whoever wants to work should stay and behave or they can exit! They shouldn’t spoil business for Tara, the poor girl slaved really hard to get to this point! The sales girls, whether they like it or not should smile (by force) and they should even break their spine to make us stay and buy stuff! Riff raffs, who feel too big for their shoes, shouldn’t be put there.

*if not because, crafish bend…I’m actually supposed to shop online and get stuff delivered at my doorstep…*Cough cough*

Abi, what do you guys think? Or am I over-reacting?!


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