Dear NHW,

I am writing to you so that I can share my story with the world one way or the other.

I would not wish for anyone to be in my situation, not even my enemies!

I am an Ibo girl who fell deeply in love with a Yoruba guy. We dated for about 5 yrs without problems until we decided to tie the knot.

My parents are typical Ibo people who vehemently fought against our union. They wanted me to marry one old chief who was a millionaire and who hailed from my village.

To cut matter short, I ended up getting married to him but I had vowed never to bear his children except by the one I love.

It’s been a little over a year since I got married and I just found out that I’m pregnant. What my husband doesn’t know is that, he’s not the father of my child!

In as much as I remain in this sham of a marriage, I and my boyfriend have vowed to continue bear kids together, until a miracle happens.

At first I used to  cry a lot in my marriage but ever since I discovered that I could actually eat my cake and have it, my joy knows no bound.

*Coughing and clearing my throat* My dear , I would advice that you use your tongue to count your teeth. Your stance in this matter, I must say is not a wise one.

You need to pray more for wisdom so as get yourself out of this mess. it’s either you are in or you are out!

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