Yes, I know Ibinabo Fiberesima, President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, just got married after 5 kids from previous relationships. Yes, I know she’s very happy and besides, it’s not always easy to find a young Nigerian man who agrees to marry a woman with that many kids that don’t even belong to him! So, really? Why shouldn’t she be happy?!

Anyway,  why I say she should take it easy, is because,  the rate at which she is gushing about this her new found love, is too much abeg! You know, these men cannot be trusted!  Sometimes,  too much love can get into their head and before you even say “Jack Robinson”, they start singing a different tune!

And again,  check it…it’s not as if Ibinabo is someone that a lot of people, especially women, like, talkless of love! All these ‘gushing’, will soon make one jobless woman out there to take it upon herself to dig up dirt on this her husband!

What am I saying?…she should remove herself from the spotlight when it comes to her marriage!

Abi, what do you guys think?


  1. OMG !!!! how come this hasnt been news since ? unbelievable, she know this and still put head abi she didnt know ? omatshe oh. anyway i trust her, she be agbero PH babe and na kill she go kill am if he try it


  2. God Bless you for this post, I have never seen this kind of madness before. what a show of shame and the height of desperation. its amazing how a man that has been married and divorced twice before the age of 40 and publicly abused both women, will from nowhere now spring up in love with you after your new found access to aso rock. but desperation no gree am see road or her brain to work. who in his inner circle no know if his abusive, lying and cheating ways ? quickly went and married a girl after he abused her and threatened her with a gun so she would not testify against him. look up Benjamin egbuka and the case is public, as a result they drove him from the army. I wish her the best but please lady be very careful, this is not real.

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