Trust me when I say bearing kids is one thing, rearing them is another!

How many of you have adolescent kids (kids between 10 and 19 years)…has it been easy for you? Because it hasn’t been for me, despite the fact that I teach adolescent health education.

I had quite a bit of an issue with my son over the weekend…Chai! Getting him to complete a task was quite tasking I must say!

In the mornings during school week, my son will have his bath, but getting dressed is a major that needs to be crossed! He will be the first to bathe, but the sisters will bathe and dress up, and meet him still in his towel, tied around his waist!!

Time to do home work from school, my son would have unknowingly spent minutes to hours, getting all his ‘tools’ ready! In between, as usual, he will chat with his sister, scan through his comics lying around.
The one that broke the camel’s back was when I told him to go wash up the dishes…how many sef? Maybe like 6 or 7 dishes. He started, let’s just say around 1pm and it dragged to like about 3pm or there about! I shook my head in amazement! Please, ask me what he was doing in between that time…getting distracted by all sorts!…TV, day dreams (of God knows what) and then his sisters (especially the older sister, a major problem).
I just had to tell him eventually, “Fola, do you know you are a murderer?!”

“Ahn ahn, mummy! Why would you call me that?!” He exclaimed.

“Because, you sure know how to murder time!” I explained.

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