I’m sorry for abandoning you guys this (or these…which ever. lol!) past 2 days…life had sort of been playing tricks on me!

You can’t imagine what I’ve been going through during this time! As tough as it has been, it’s been absolutely fantastic…so much has happened but good things though!

So what have you guys been up to! For me, I have been trying to work out a better way to serve you guys but then again I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be better if you guys told me how you want to be served. A few fans have actually sent personal mails telling me what they wanted to see more of already and I appreciate that. So I decided to make the request more general…so what do you say?

I love that today is Tuesday…we are getting closer to the weekend! 🙂 about 80% closer! Lest I forget, how many of you made new year resolutions? And how many of you have stuck to it?…no need to lie to impress. Well, I haven’t stuck to any. In fact, from the second day of the year, I started breaking them! *covering my face in shame*

Whatever!…New Year Resolutions don’t work. They are as real as ‘Santa Claus’!

Do have a pleasant day ahead…

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