Marriage is not easy! Whoever told you it is, is a damn big liar!

You need to be REALLY STRONG PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY, to be able to deal with all the dramatic events that unfold between couples!

If you get married because of all ‘the package’, I’m sorry O but your marriage will not last! If you marry because you ‘fell in love’, I’m sorry O but love is not enough to hold the marriage! 

Just when you think you know everything about your spouse, from no where you’ll just see all sorts of behaviours manifesting like someone that could possibly be ‘possessed’…Lol! God eey!

Then, you the aggrieved spouse is left with no other choice except to either apologise for what you don’t know or wonder if it could be peer influence or just mere tantrums!  Yes O! Adults do have tantrums…their own sef is worse because you won’t know what the problem is and they won’t even help matters and tell you like kids would. O ga o!

There are some spouses (not sure if this grammar is correct) that they want things done their way and only their way, not considering other factors.  Failure to do what they want, you will just see how face and body will change!

Please, is there any book written that teach couples about how to deal with various ‘dramas’ in marriage:
– drama of cooking meals…who cooks and what is to be cooked!
– drama of SERVING food!
– drama of caring for the kids!
– drama of giving and spending money!
– drama of when and where to have fun!
– drama of when to come home after ‘playing’.
…drama, drama, drama!

Must there be drama in everything when you are not an actor or actress?! Just open your mouth and tell or say how it is doing you…remember you are an ADULT!

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