A 12 year old boy, Samson Egunje, has been apprehended for stabbing his 10 year okd friend, Samuel Igbekele, to death.

The incident happened on Saturday when Samuel was sent on an errand by a neighbour at night. Apparently, this evil child, Samson was said to have been looking for Samuel since morning for abusing him.

After the attack, the victim reportedly held his neck as he ran across the road in a frantic effort to get to his parents’ house which was a few kilometres away.

Samuel, after taking some feeble steps, was said to have collapsed.

A resident, Ibrahim Sulaiman, said he saw him on the floor in a pool of blood that night.

He said, “I was under a tent where some people had had a wedding ceremony. I saw some kids playing with bottles and I drove them away.

“After I finished drinking with my friends, I went to a woman selling noodles and asked her to prepare some for me and that I would come back for it.

“While returning for my noodles, I saw the woman beaming a torch on the boy, and when I asked her who he was, she said she did not know him.”

The victim’s father, Solomon, a bricklayer, said his landlord’s son alerted him to the incident and he took him for medical treatment.

He explained that Samuel was about to eat his dinner on the fateful night when the neighbour sent him on an errand.

“It was not up to five minutes when my landlord’s son ran in and said my son had been stabbed with a bottle.

“I ran there and saw him on the floor. I took him to a nearby hospital and the nurses there did not want to accept him from us, but when the doctor came out and examined him, he certified him dead on arrival,” he said.

The victim’s mother, Mary, told our correspondent that she took Samuel’s corpse to the suspect’s mother’s house.

She said she laid him in front of the house for more than one hour because she momentarily lost her mind.

“Before Samuel died, I asked him who stabbed him and he kept saying ‘Samson, Samson’ before he went silent.

“I asked Samson why he killed my son, and he said Samuel abused him in the morning and he had promised to stab him.

“My son had just bought new clothes and shoes for the New Year celebration, but he can no longer wear them. They have taken away my joy.”

Culled from PUNCH

Na wah O! Children killing children!


  1. I wouldn’t want to lavle him as an evil child but I think this child had serious problmes. Maybe some other issues were going on, he could have been sexually himself by other people and felt he had no power but he had enough power to seek revenge and take out his pain on this poor boy. But anyway, that’s just my perspective. Let’s not be closed minded though people, always remember there’s two sides to a story (not condoning what he did though).


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