One Oluwaropo Tifase has been arrested for allegedly killing his father, Moses Tifase,  in Mile 2 area of Lagos state, on December 6th 2014.

Oluwaropo happens to be the only son and last child of his parents after 4 girls. He had also been rusticated from University of Ondo State a few years ago due to cult-related activities.

Amidst other crimes, he was notorious for having clashes with his parents over financial issues. He recently stabbed his retired Mechanical Engineer fathet with a scissors, while the rest of the family members were asleep.

His mother, in a statement written, claimed that her son usually sleeps in her room and that, that evening she had asked him to lock the door before retiring to bed, which he did. But she said, when she woke up early in the morning,  he was no longer in her room but saw him coming from the passage while she was in the sitting room. He was shocked to find her there and when she asked him where he was coming from, he claimed he heard some strange footsteps and went to check what it was but saw nothing, not knowing she had killed his father.

The suspect according to reports given in PUNCH is yet to confess to the crime.

*Let him be warming up in jail until he confesses! Can anyone tell me what could have gone wrong with this child who sucked his mother’s breasts?*

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