The touts on the streets of Lagos are fast becoming ‘Tax collectors’ officially. The government has refused to do anything about them. In any form of trade, they will be found.  It’s so irritating!

How can people work so hard to earn a living, then some idiots will wake up and decide that their own is to collect a certain percentage of each earnings.


According to PUNCH, the police arrested four suspected robbers at a Lagos market who claimed they did not steal from the traders, but only came to collect their dues! *Can you just imagine?*

The suspects, who are four members of a ten-man gang, Onyenge Osanie, Azuka Eboh, Ezelonwu Michael and Afolabi Shakiru- were nabbed by the police while they were looting some shops and robbing traders at the Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos. Most of the gang’s victims were phone dealers, and the gang allegedly carted away about 70 smartphones and Ipads which were worth about N1.5m.

These are some of the reasons given by some of the members:

“We usually work with phone dealers in the market who specialise in selling stolen phones. When we steal, they sell, and they then settle us. But later on, some of them defaulted, and we attacked their shops. It was not as if we robbed them, we only came to ask for our money.

(Osanie, 35 year old)

“What we learnt initially was that a market chairman was coming to give out money but he later failed to show up. That was when we decided to deal with the traders. When we got to the shops, we broke their glasses and carted away expensive phones. (Eboh, 27 year old)

“I was working as a truck driver before I met them. I had gone out with the gang on three occasions to rob in the market. We only took advantage of the commotion of the market to rob them. It was not deliberate,” (Micheal, 22 year old)

*Can you see how confused they all sound, giving conflicting reasons.  Women, over to you…see the male children you are killing yourselves for. You better train the girls God has blessed you with*.

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