It’s crazy how random thoughts just flow through my head. Everything is sort of connected one way or the other, what you smell, see, sense or touch, are all connected.

I was frying plantains for my kids this morning and then some how it took me back to when I was really young and in my parents’ house. I had a comfortable life quite alright, but how comfortable is comfortable really? Growing up with 5 other siblings wasn’t easy I tell you. My father practically provided everything for us but my mum somehow had a way of rationing certain things she considered a ‘luxury’.


When I compare the way I fried plantains for my kids to the way my mum did hers for us, I laugh and shake my head. How my mum would fry a certain quantity for about 6 children and 7 adults and you the child dare not ask for more! How nah?! She would ask if you were the only child or the only human being in the house? That used to really upset me and I would wonder how a woman would decide to have 6 children?! And I hated how I couldn’t get more of my best food because of too many kids! I vowed never to have many kids.

But guess what? I followed my mum to the market oneday and I think I finally saw why she wouldn’t give us more ‘plantain’…I think she spent some of the feeding money in boutiques buying shoes, clothes and bags…dunno O! #justguessing

You know, it’s only plantain really that we never get more of but guess what we had more of?…BEANS!!! Yes O, good old beans. My mum could gladly give you the whole pot of beans porridge! Oh, how I hated beans!


So you see, if only my kids knew what their mama passed through, they would probably appreciate me even more…I’m sure they do! Lol!

Meanwhile, my kids could have ‘more’ of all their best meals without worrying about the number of kids their parents have.

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