You never know how your ‘singleness’ affects your parents until they start sending men to you!

I could have sworn that my father would be the last person on earth to do this kind of thing, my mum, most definitely. My mum can be really shameless. She could go as far as buying a man in the supermarket…if there ever was anything like that! My mum would shamelessly ask every Tom, Dick and Harry, if they had male relatives or friends that were ‘single and searching’ available for me. *Covering my face in shame*

Yesterday, I got an unexpected visit from a man who claimed to have gotten my address from my father. My father actually called a minute later to confirm if his godson had arrived. And I’m like, “Daddy, what’s going on please?”
“Don’t worry dear. His name is Nathaniel from a very good home and has a very good job. Just let me know if you like him. If not, there are other options”, he spoke excitedly.
Before I could even protest, he hung up.

I looked at the guy in front of me still waiting to be asked in. Okay, really I shouldn’t let this guy in…I don’t know him from ‘Adam’! What if he were a rapist? Is my dad for real?! If truth be told, he wasn’t bad looking at all, infact, he was damn good looking, yellow in complexion and healthy looking…can’t stand ’em skinny guys at all. He appeared to be non-threatening…I guess he was safe!

“Come in please”, I finally agreed.
“Hi, I’m Nathaniel Igbokwe. You can call me Nat”. Hmmm, nice voice, nice accent…the name though!

We got talking anyway, allowing him to do most of it. He was a Chemical Engineer at Shell (wow!money shouting here), never been married before (at least, this was good for the record), was in his late 30s (still within my reach but just wished he could be more specific). He finally stated his ‘mission’…

“I don’t believe in courtship. Your father has said a lot about you. And from all indications, you have all the qualities I want in a woman. You are God – fearing, beautiful, gentle, homely, from a good home, educated and with a good sense of humour. You might not love me immediately but with time you will. I’ll provide for you a car and driver. You can even further your education in my house. I’ll take care of that. All I need is just 3 children…”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I immediately broke in, not wanting to hear anymore.

“Ehmm, Nat. See, I only agreed to let you into my house because of the respect I have for my dad. As for those qualities which you think I have, I can only boast of 3 or 4, lemmie not lie. It will not be advisable for you to marry me because I not in anyway attracted to you. But if you insist, I will definitely cheat on you, if you don’t mind that is”.

Oh my goodness, did I say or do anything wrong? Because Nat acted like he had seen a ghost!

You guys won’t believe that that was the only time and last time I set my eyes on Nathaniel. I wonder why?

Can anybody tell me what could possibly have gone?! *Clueless*

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