…and happy belated merry Christmas! *covering my face in shame*

As usual, please forgive me if I haven’t been regular with my posts.

Ever since I laid my house keeper off, Gosh, life has been bitter – sweet experience!  I hate to admit it, but these people can be quite useful. So I’ve been interviewing quite a number of applicants, but so far, none have impressed me or should I say ‘wow’ed me. The ones I interviewed look like they have ‘hidden’ agenda…can’t deal.  Imagine, I interviewed one that had fake lashes and nails! I just shook my head and told her I would get back to her…the end!

This coming year promises to be better God willing…of course it only gets better. You guys inspire and and motivate me in many ways than you can ever imagine and each day you make me want to serve you better with loads of information relating to health and family. So, do stick around and encourage me more by dropping your comments so that others can tap from your fountain of knowledge.

I see you Grace, mummy Jaden, draustine, missLinc, dupe, blessing, horlah and quite a good number of peeps…please continue dropping your comments.

Lest, I forget, please keep the ‘Agony’ mails coming.

God bless y’all.

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