This Christmas is turning out to be what I never planned for it to be.

Cletus came around today. I’ve never mentioned him because we just met 2 days ago. I purposely asked him to come around today…I had an ‘agenda’…to flirt! Abeg, I am tired of living in a ‘box’, I needed to let my ‘wild’ side out a bit!

When it was close to the time he was supposed to come, I ran in to change to a dress that was not too short but showed my good features, nicely toned arms and long slender legs! Wow! Then I resumed my ‘cleaning’. I wanted him to meet me looking all sexy and domesticated…what a fantastic blend.

As soon as the bell rang, I knew it was him, so I let my hair down, to add to the sexiness. Mehn! The guy looked unbelievably handsome, but for his name! I let him in and quickly resumed my fake cleaning, making sure he got a good view of all my awesome features. I sure hoped he like what he saw! *Shameless me*

We talked about almost everything, from movies to relationships to work stuff…it was engaging I must say.

Then he spoilt everything…

He started telling me how he lost his job 2 years ago and how difficult it has been getting one. As if this news wasn’t alarming enough, he then added that he was in an ‘on’ and ‘off’ relationship with a psycho girlfriend…and blah, blah, blah! Abeg O!… I value my face and body too much. I don’t need any loser bitch to damage it for me!

Asides from the ‘girlfriend’ issue sef…I’m not cut out to start pampering any middle – aged man! He should get himself a job…a good job and then maybe we could start the conversation again.

I tire for Uzor and Remi, I’ve said it before, these girls do not mean well for me. Of all the guys in this Lagos, it had to be a handsome broke guy they could find for me. How does being ‘handsome’ pay my bills. Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not materialistic but at the same time I’m not really ready to deal with guys who don’t have an occupation talkless of ambition.

Anyways, I allowed him to finish the drink I bought with my hard-earned cash and told him I needed to retire early to bed, if he didn’t mind.

What a sad end for a fantastic beginning…Mscheew!

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