My goodness! I should have known better. Why can’t I ever learn?!

I really should be done with the sort of friends I keep…Uzor and Remi! Uzor, I can bear sometimes…okay, I lie, most of the time. But Remi, is just too much. She feels like the sexiest thing that walked on planet earth, more like she has the bad spirit of seduction. She would do anything to be in the fore front…Gosh!

I met this guy when I visited my rich engineer cousin at his place of work. He was quite charming…almost swept me off my feet! We had so much in common, or so I thought. We ended up exchanging phone numbers and addresses.

Then one lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to pay him a visit but didn’t want to go alone, for fear of being molested…One can’t afford to be too trusting. Of course, I dragged Remi along, she seemed very available.

He was excited to see ME, but ‘yours truly’ was fast to introduce herself. In a gentlemanly fashion, he tried to focus on me and our conversation, but Remi just refused to give it a break! She had so much ‘knowledge’ to show off! As much as I hate to admit it, she seemed to be leaving  an impression!…and he was laughing at her jokes’. I made sure the visit was short-lived.

One time, me and some girls were generally gisting about guys and relationships and how we girls needed to catch them off guard and all. I thought to myself that I had better pay my ‘guy’ a surprise visit, since it looked like we could be heading somewhere.

Feeling really excited going to pay him that surprise visit and not knowing what reaction to expect from him, little did I know that I would be the one getting a mega surprise.

As I was ushered into his office, guess who I saw playing ‘me’?…REMI!! She appears not to be bothered and instead is swinging her chair and grinning at me! I do nothing but glare at her! This babe sure has guts…is this some kind of conquest “Who wins the prince’s heart?”…like seriously?!

“Babe, how na? Was around the neighbourhood, so I decided to pop in”, she said as a matter of fact. Trying not to appear childish and razz, I smiled in agreement. Agh, Remi! You can never change sha!

Not sure whether to go or to stay, considering the situation. I decided to stay but that would definitely be my last time in that office. The stupid guy I even came to see looked like he enjoyed the company of girls…any girl sef.

I have learned a big lesson sha- keep your prospective husband away from your single friends!


  1. This is no lesson at all.
    Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.
    Quit lying to yourself that you are the victim.
    Remember you are also a liar. But Remi lies more. You pointed out in the introduction.
    Learn to Love yourself and all will fall in place.
    By first not lying to yourself you got a friend.
    Be first your friend and love yourself.
    Do not keep fakeness around you and accept rubbish from men.
    This guy doesn’t visit you? That’s another lie you are accepting.
    Focus on your worth, loneliness and lack of self value should not define who you keep as companions.
    That’s the lesson you should have learned.
    You are lucky you only got a grin. Others have gotten worse.
    LOVE YOURSELF and be ACCOUNTABLE. Your purpose and life is worthily.

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